Artwork Specifications

Artwork Specifications
We prefer all logos and drawings to be saved in .EPS format for Windows, which will ensure maximum sharpness. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or Free Hand vector art provides the sharpest image renderings when saved in EPS format. Artwork is also accepted in formats with the file extensions of: .tif, .gif, .jpg, .psd, .pdd, .pdf, and .bmp. These formats produce rasper images, and it should be understood that these images are nice viewing on the computer, but do not print out sharp with smooth edges. Due to limitations in these particular formats, multiple colors are difficult to reproduce accurately. For all practical purposes, color separation is not possible with these formats.

Send all artwork to:

Other Artwork Specifications:

• All artwork needs to be camera ready and properly sized.
• No screens/halftones.
• All type, line art, rules, etc. must be on one piece of artwork.
• Line art should be at 600 dpi.
• Grayscales should be at 300 minimum dpi and specify % density screen.
• Non-native file formats fonts should be converted to curves or sent with the file.
• Postscript files are not recommended unless all fonts are converted to curves.
• For color artwork, all acceptable electronic art must use spot colors or Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors.
• For Macintosh artwork, the printer and screen fonts both need to be included with any artwork submitted.
• All artwork images must be contained within at least 1/8" of the border of a selected item.

Camera ready artwork means that the artwork can be photographed without further preparation or changes on the part of United Business Forms & Supplies. 

Fonts, Texts for Macintosh

With each print job that requires fonts, texts or logos, it is necessary to include both the printer font and the screen font with the file. If one font is missing, we will be unable to accurately print out the desired font. Please be sure to include all type face information, following the guidelines listed below.

Fonts: For a Macintosh formatted job, please send the suitcase and outline files for all type faces to be used.

Texts: Include all of the document text with paragraph tabs and margins. If you saved the document in EPS file and included all typefaces and artwork, you do not have to do anything.


 It is important to recognize the print margin when setting up your graphic. All images must be contained within at least 1/8" of the border of the selected item. If, however, you wish the background color or image to reach the edge of the item, then it is necessary to bleed that image. For bleeds, we require the artwork to extend past the margin by at least 1/8". 

Color Artwork

 All acceptable electronic art must use spot colors or Pantone Matching System colors. Do not create the colors using process colors. Process colors cannot be accurately duplicated, and will delay processing of your order. Vector images should use spot colors, not CYMK process, unless it is to be run as a 4-color process. Specify your PMS colors that are used in your art when sending your artwork file(s). 

Spot Colors

Most graphics software allows you to choose standard spot colors. Please reference the material on the software you intend to use for specifications on their standard spot color systems. 

Pantone Matching System (PMS)

Some graphic applications allow colors to be imported. Pantone is the most universal colormatching system, and is accessible for most graphics.